About Christine Hauber:

"A risk not taken is a dream left unfulfilled" - Christine Hauber

Photography offered me everything I always wanted - a way to record the results of my innate curiosity, the opportunity to do so in a creative way, and the freedom to move from one place to another. 

As a full-time professional photographer for over 25 years, my love of photography has pushed me forward through the tough times as well as the absolutely amazing times. I have captured the quietness Mother Nature gives us to the amazing faces of man and beast. 

Without a creative outlet, I am not sure I could exist with such gratitude and grace. Being creative affords me hours of quiet contemplation, allows me to absorb the beauty around me even when there seems to be very little of it and feeds my soul. Sharing my resulting images and knowledge is my way of hoping to bring those same feelings to those who view them.

In 2001, my experience traveling alone in an RV for three and a half years photographing the people of America and the work they do helped me to realize that fear can be very binding. Pushing through that was a constant eye opening experience. And because I went from being shy and timid to a photographer full of confidence and love, I knew I needed to share that with other people.

After publishing my book, Working in the USA, I began focusing on my fine art photography and conducting workshops. Being a full-time photographic artist and instructor, I get to do what I love every day.


About Paige Eden:

For over 20 years, photography – telling personal stories through creative images – has been my passion.  Growing up in Hawaii gave me the opportunity to interact with different cultures, meet many interesting people and be immersed in natural beauty.  As a result, I became fascinated by capturing the nuances of life and became a self-taught photographer.  After moving to Colorado, I studied photography at the Colorado Institute of Art, graduating with an Associates Degree and making photography my official calling in life.

While I enjoy many types of photography, techniques and colorful subject matter, my main focus is photographing weddings.  Because of a wedding’s significance, it is the perfect culmination of emotion, spirit, joy and substance.  


In 2009, a major turning point in my life happened - I found myself going through a divorce and I was emotionally, spiritually and financially drained.  A friend of mine took me to a yoga class and my whole entire life changed.  I became empowered on many levels - I lost weight, I became stronger both physically and emotionally and I decided from that point on, I would approach life with a "Carpe Diem" attitude.  Since then, I've done things I would have never done if I had stayed married:  swam with wild dolphins, manta rays and sharks, climbed the "Stairway to Heaven" in Hawaii, visited many countries and even became certified in yoga!  I continue to search out adventure whenever my calendar allows and also strive daily to live with an open heart.