Bill Awbrey(non-registered)
I am an old friend of Kathy T. and as a photography enthusiast, Kathy recommended my perusal of your website. Spectacular is the only word that comes to mind. I see where Kathy most certainly gets some of her inspiration.
beautiful pictures!!
Beautiful work, Christine. You are a remarkable photographer and have a keen eye.
Great work Christine, your a real pro..
kim kubiak(non-registered)
what a wonderful experience.... love how you see the world around us.. thank you
Darren Creighton(non-registered)
Stunning work Christine !! very inspiring !
Stacey Napior(non-registered)
My mom just turned me on to your work. Wow! It's beautiful! You share our love of taking pictures of the simple and capturing just how beautiful it actually is. Super impressive!
Hi kiddo,
Hope you and the rest of the crew can come over once more ,for supper before you go in all directions. I'll stop by and talk to you soon.
Thanking the ancestors daily,
Lakota Connection
Jill Cranford(non-registered)
Your site is BEAUTIFUL! And so is your work!
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