2015 Santa Fe 5-Day Digital Photography Boot Camp Summer Workshop

Our 5th annual.

Dates: Friday, August 7 – Tuesday, August 11, 2015   Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Skill Level: Beginner to advanced beginner/slightly intermediate Class Size: Limited to 8 students
Type: Field & Classroom Status: Registration is open. Scroll down to register or click here.

The perfect workshop for beginners & budding intermediates.

Still having trouble with setting the correct exposure, don't fully understand depth of field, have trouble reading the histogram, and need help with seeing light and composition? After this workshop you will be extremely comfortable with all the above and more!

Half of this workshop is in the field while the other half is in the classroom.

What good is learning how to use your camera and compose wonderful shots if you don't know what to do with the photos after you take them? Our boot camp is designed to teach you how to get the shot AND how to process & enhance that shot using Perfect Photo Suite - an easy to learn photo software package designed for any skill level from beginners to pros.

Small class size with plenty of one-on-one opportunities.

With a maximum class size of 8 students Christine and I are able to help everyone both in group settings and one-on-one. We will work closely with you to develop your skills behind the camera and in front of the computer.


Spend five intensive days in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with Matt Suess & Christine Hauber during our 5th Annual Santa Fe 5-Day Digital Photography Boot Camp.

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This boot camp is especially designed for the beginner to the slightly intermediate photographer who not only wants to know more about their cameras & gear, but who also wants to learn more about composition & exposure in addition to developing skills in their digital darkroom on how to enhance their images into stunning photographs.


Half of this workshop occurs out in the field with our cameras while the other half takes place in a classroom setting with each student working on their own laptops while following along step by step on a large screen as Christine and I share our secrets of enhancing and beautifying photographs in the digital darkroom.

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We will show you our own unique techniques both in the field photographing as well as in front of the computer that has enabled us to acquire collectors and followers of our artwork worldwide.

Not only are you learning from one professional photographer – but 2 full-time professional photographers and artists with over 40 combined years of experience behind the camera, in the digital darkroom, as well as teaching and helping students.

We will teach you what we know from our extensive background and experience in photography in a way that is easy and fun to learn and which allows you room to grow and advance from your new found knowledge and renewed enthusiasm in photography.

Sep 29 2013-0110

With a student to teacher ratio of 4:1 there will be numerous opportunities to work with us on a one-on-one basis helping you individually on composition, exposure, your own personal style, shooting techniques, and more. Our students have absolutely loved this aspect of our photo workshops and has led to great discussions and learning opportunities.

Join us in Santa Fe for our five day photography boot-camp in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of New Mexico and the Southwest.

Workshop Locations:

Over the course of the years we have refined the photography locations to include a wide variety of subjects each with their own unique challenges which we help you with as a group and one-on-one. Locations may include old gas stations, rusty old trucks, old churches and missions, and classic downtown Santa Fe scenes. You are sure to take back many memorable photographs and experiences.




The classroom sessions will take place at the Inn at Santa Fe. If you would like to stay there we have a special rate. Simply call the hotel directly at 888-871-7138 and mention the Suess Hauber Photo Workshop. The hotel is conveniently located just off of I25 on Cerrillos RD. Click here for directions.

Click for directions.

Hotel address & phone number: Inn at Santa Fe Hotel 8376 Cerrillos RD Santa Fe, NM 87507 888-871-7138

View of the Inn at Santa Fe where the workshop is being held.



What this Workshop covers in the Field Photography Sessions

During the field photography portion of the workshop we will cover important techniques and skills such as composition & framing, using natural light for dramatic effect, lens choice, how to read your histogram to accurately judge exposure, aperture & depth of field, ISO settings, using a tripod & tricks for when you don’t have your tripod, creative vision & expression, the study of light & shadow, and more.

Light walking is involved, and be aware of the elevation as we will be at approx. 7,000′.



What this Workshop Covers in the Digital Darkroom

– learn why you should shoot in RAW and understand how much easier it makes image optimizing

– Import, keyword and organize your photographs for easy retrieval in the future

– Enhance your RAW Photos

– Learn how to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, color balance, sharpen, and more

– Remove dust spots

– Reduce noise

– Adjust shadows and highlights

– Export photos in different file formats

– Resize your photos for use on the web, social media, and print


– Selectively enhance certain areas and colors within your photographs

– Learn how to easily preform many Photoshop tasks without using Photoshop. These tasks include layers and layer masks, cut outs, replacing skies, resizing for web and print, and more.

– Learn how to convert an image into Black and White

– Learn how to add creative effects and enhancements

– Easily remove unwanted distractions from your images

– Learn how to easily add a dramatic cloud filled sky to a seemingly boring cloudless sky

– Become the photographic artist you always wanted to be by created image you envisioned but could not capture

– Software used is Perfect Photo Suite from on1 Software


“It made me interested in going even further into photo editing than I had expected it would.” – quote from one of our students from the 2013 boot camp


Oct 01 2013-0114


Note you do not need to purchase the software prior to the workshop. A free trial is available allowing you to test the software for 30 days. It is recommended to install trial software a couple days before the start of this workshop. All students end up being very impressed with the software after learning how to use it and end up purchasing the software at a later date (and some even during the workshop). 


Day 1: Friday, August 7
We will meet in downtown Santa Fe at 2pm for introductions and presentation followed by late afternoon photography around the Plaza, then we will have an early evening dinner of our treat to welcome everyone and get acquainted and talk photography.
Day 2: Saturday, August 8
Day 3: Sunday, August 9
Day 4: Monday, August 10
Day 5: Tuesday, August 11

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate. Basic working knowledge of your computer is a must. Previous experience with the photo software programs we will be using is not necessary. Any camera format is welcome.

Sep 27 2013-0037

“A photography “WOW” experience. No better way to learn about your camera, how to use it, and the ability to apply software for creating “your perfect photo.” Add exceptional and enthusiastic instructions from terrific teachers and the result is a workshop that is hard to beat!” - quote from one of our students in the 2013 boot camp

Tuition Fees & How to Register:

Tuition: $995 per student, with a limit of 8 students
(Past students of our field workshops can register with a $75 discount. Contact me for details)

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is due in full at time of registration.


- Tuition fees include all fees, permits, passes, etc. that may be required for the workshop and also includes lunch during our classroom sessions. Hotel / lodging, other meals, car rental, any needed gear or equipment rentals, etc. are not included and is the student’s responsibility. A list of area accommodations can be emailed to you upon request following your payment. Payment is due in full with a signed liability form (emailed to you after registration) returned to us to be registered for a workshop. You can view our workshop policies and faq’s here. 
Christine explains some different camera settings to one of our students during some one-on-one time.

Christine explains some different camera settings to one of our students during some one-on-one time.



About Matt Suess

About Matt Suess

I have been a full-time professional photographer for over 25 years. I was a photojournalist for the first 17 years and since 2006 I have been a full-time fine art photographer and workshop teacher. I have been using digital imaging since the mid 1990's. Be sure to read more about be by clicking on the link above.

Why choose my photo workshops

Why choose my photo workshops

I have over 25 years of professional photography experience and love teaching and sharing my knowledge. Read more about what makes my workshops & classes stand out. (more info coming soon)

The Fine Print

The Fine Print

I strive to create a safe and fun environment during my workshops & classes. Be sure to read The Fine Print regarding my workshop policies, terms, cancellation policy, liability limitation, and FAQ's by clicking on the link above.


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