Summer Fun!

I am finally back in Santa Fe, New Mexico for more than just a few weeks.  This summer has been a crazy one. First, I had a two week photography trip to Texas where I photographed a wedding, had a couple of private one-on-one workshops, a mini workshop in Big Bend National Park and photographed family portraits. Then I had a ten day photography trip to Grand Teton National Park where I taught a five-day landscape workshop with Matt Suess and a ten day trip to Colorado where I had a couple of private one-on-one workshops in addition to a busy family reunion.

During my time in Colorado, I was able to photograph a hawk in a state park that just seemed as curious about us and our cameras as we were of him. This turned out to be an exciting private photography session.  As I told them, "Expect the unexpected"!  

Here are some of my favorite images from my time traveling:

Eye on the PrizeEye on the PrizeThis hawk was photographed in Colorado. This image combines the original photograph combined with texture layers for a beautiful fine art piece.

Eye on the Prize


The Stare DownThe Stare DownA bison in Grand Teton National Park stare me down. Texture layers are added for color.

The Stare Down


The TangoThe TangoLive Oak Trees in Texas that appear to be dancing.

The Tango


Watching Over the LandWatching Over the LandBison in Grand Teton National Park

Watching Over the Land