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2-Day Perfect Photo Suite 9

Crash Course


How many of you have had a hard time learning Photoshop?

This software has been around for over 20 years, and it seems like it would take 20 years to learn it (it can – I have been using it for about 20 years).  You would think there would be something easier to use by now, wouldn’t you?


Have you heard of Perfect Photo Suite from onOne Software?

They call it “The Photographer’s Choice for Photo Editing” and here is why: For many photographers Perfect Photo Suite can replace Photoshop for many, if not most, of the things you do in Photoshop. But not only can it replace Photoshop, it can make enhancing a photo, adding special effects, masking objects, resizing photos for print & web, working in layers, enhancing skin in portraits, replacing a sky, converting to black and white, and more so much easier you will wonder where this software has been hiding throughout your photography hobby or career.


All of the above, and more, will be covered in this 2-Day crash course on Perfect Photo Suite 9 taught by two Perfect Photo Suite experts: Matt Suess & Christine Hauber. 


Perfect Photo Suite 9 is the latest version from onOne Software.  We will be teaching it as a Stand-Alone product and thus will not be covering how to use it with Lightroom or Aperture.


This will be their 6th Perfect Photo Suite crash course this year!

**Both our November and December Crash Course Sold Out quickly**


2-Day Perfect Photo Suite 9 Crash Course


April 11 & 12, 2015 in Tempe SOLD OUT 
April 18 & 19, 2015 in Tempe SOLD OUT
Additional dates for Tempe in the fall/winter will be added soon.

Tuition fees:

Tuition for the 2-day classroom course is just $325.

Classes are limited to between 9 and 14 students depending upon location unless otherwise specified. Tuition covers the classroom workshop but does not include lunch (unless otherwise specified) nor overnight accommodations.

What to bring: Your laptop computer with Perfect Photo Suite already installed and running – either in trial mode or purchased version. Be sure to install and launch the software prior to the class to make sure it is working properly. Make sure you have some of your photos on your hard drive to work on during the class. Also bring a notebook and pen, ipad, or other way to take notes during the class.

Please call me for more information at 303-578-2787