Turn your BLAH Photos into WOW Photos with Matt Suess and Christine Hauber.

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Viveza 2 from Nik Software,  is part of Nik's collection of plugins for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom & Aperture, is one of the most powerful plugins available and is a must-have for all photographers and anyone interested in improving their photos from beginners to experts. The full suite of Nik plugins is now only $149 and includes not only Viveza but also Silver Efex Pro, Color Efex etc.
With it one can easily & quickly make local or global adjustments to their photographs by controlling such things as exposure, contrast, saturation, structure, shadow adjustments, warmth, and more.
Viveza 2 is not just for photographers. It's great for illustrators, web designers, graphic designers, bloggers, teachers, and any other individual who takes their photography somewhat seriously.
In this course Matt and I will go through all of the important functions and controls of the software. Watch us use and explain the software and follow along on your computer using the same photos that are included in this course. 
You will be amazed at how quick & easy it is to do such normally complicated tasks such as darken or lighten a specific color, increase or decrease shadows, or replace specific colors. And best of all, you will learn how easy and fun it is to enhance "snapshot" photos into works of art.
We have been teaching Viveza in our regular photo workshops for years and it has become one of the favorite and most used tools for our students. Most of our students who are intimidated by Photoshop find it incredibly easy and fun to make photo enhancements using Viveza.
Materials included:
All of the photos seen in Section 4 "Editing Photos" are available for download so you can follow along on your own computer.
The Viveza 2 plugin costs $99. A free trial is available at niksoftware.com and a 15% discount code (USA & Canada only) is provided in the course.
All lectures are downloadable!
This will allow you to learn while you travel or are away from internet access. 
Course Requirements...
Viveza 2 plugin from Nik Software as well as one of the following: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or Aperture. The plugin costs $99. A free trial is available at niksoftware.com and a 15% discount code (USA & Canada only) is provided in the course.
Over 25 lectures and 2 hrs of content!
Introduction: Understand why Viveza 2 is such a powerful tool for photographers and anyone else interested in improving the look of their photos.
Installing & Launching Viveza: Viveza 2 can be installed as a plugin to Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and Aperture. Learn how to use it in the different programs.
Viveza interface: Learn about image previews, the tool bar, the adjustment panel, enhancement sliders, control points, and more.
Enhancing Photos: Now the real fun begins. Download large 10 megapixel images as supplemental course material to follow along with the lectures. the photos used in this section to follow along. Photos have been specifically chosen to illustrate key points and to provide a wide range of photographic possibilities.
Bonus Material - New lecture added each month for 6 months! Each new lecture will feature a screencast recording covering different photographic images, subjects & lighting situations. Students are encouraged to submit their own photos for possible inclusion in one of these lectures.
Who should attend?
No prior knowledge is needed as this course starts with the basics. It is for any skill level from very beginner to advanced and is perfect for anyone who takes photographs and wants them to look incredible (photographer, real estate agent, soccer mom, hobbyist, graphics designer, blogger, etc). If you don’t own Viveza 2, download the free trial and follow along.

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