It Has Been a Busy Month


What a wonderfully busy month I have had!  

I returned to Santa Fe just in time for my first show that included a bit of wind, rain and sleet and luckily some beautiful sun on Sunday.  The tourists who were almost nonexistent on Saturday due to the weather came out in force on Sunday.  My new work was well received and many pieces went to new homes.  I even met some great people who scheduled one-on-one workshops with me.

Soon after that show, I left for Texas for a whirlwind photography trip that included a family portrait session, a intimate garden wedding, a half day private workshop, a full-day private workshop and a mini workshop in Big Bend National Park. Along with visiting friends and family who live in between where I was shooting the wedding and where I had my first workshop I was busy.  Luckily, I knew enough people that I could stay with that I did not have to take the RV on the long trip.  This also afforded me the ease of being able to pull quickly off the road if I wanted to capture a photograph. 

Although I can be occasionally and rarely talked into photographing a wedding, my expertise is really with non-moving objects such as landscapes, trees and animals who aren't on the move. I photograph best when I am not under pressure and I can have quiet contemplation with composition and lighting. But, regardless, I had a great time photographing this wedding because the overcast skies and the intimate nature of it was more to my style of shooting. Will I advertise that I do weddings? No.

Here are some of my favorite images from the wedding in Texas.


Bride and Groom

Intimate Garden Wedding