Welcome to my most recent endeavor! This page is just a few of my favorite and available art pieces capturing the spirit of rescued and protected animals. I began this project in early 2016 after years of contemplation and planning. Being a full time photographer, I am often busy with art shows, traveling and workshops so I kept putting this project on the back burner. But something finally clicked in me after meeting yet another happy rescued animal. Some of my first pieces won prestigious awards, so I knew I needed to be more proactive in continuing this series.

The most difficult part of creating a series, is finding the best way to display it. I wanted to create large pieces that were for the most part, life-size or bigger (as in the case of the owl). I wanted these animals to demand a presence in any room they hang in order to really bring awareness to their plight and to those who have found it their life passion to protect them.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind with a percentage of the sale returning to the care of that particular animal.

I am always looking for animals to photograph, so please feel free to send me a message about your location and animal(s).
Kindred Spirits Art OpeningThe OwlThe Mule - Slim PickinsThe EweThe AppalachianFallow DeerHorsesThe Ostrich