Pause. Breathe. Feel.

Once in the Mojave National Preserve, I left the hustle and bustle of my chaotic life behind and soon took the time to slow down, pause, breathe, look, see and finally feel the desert pulsate around me. The amazing calmness of the desert led to quiet contemplation and my eyes opened up to an amazing and diverse landscape.

The Mojave National Preserve has a silent, unspoken beauty. A simple beauty. It takes a quieting of the mind to actually see its true essence. I would find myself breathing in the desert smells, looking around and pausing for subjects to present themselves. It was then that I could really see and feel what was before me.

Finding a way to create images that best represented what I was feeling was the key to my Artist in Residence portfolio. During my extended time in Mojave National Preserve, I felt the calmness. I saw the minimalism. I sensed the strength and I observed the perseverance in what appears to be a desolate and lonely environment.

The images I have captured portray solitary strength and serenity in a world that continues to move along at a fast pace.

Pause. Breathe. Feel. This is the essence of the works I present to you as you visit the Mojave National Preserve and contemplate its unusual, sere landscapes and recognize the beauty it contains.
Cholla and the Rocky RidgeDSC0403 Joshua TreeUnity