FarmersA farmer never really retires.

Just last week I was approached to do an interview for a podcast series on Keeping your Day Dream. In light of this I decided to go back to a podcast interview I had done in 2007 about my photography project "Working in the USA".  Listening to it brought back memories of my driving passion for this project. It has now invigorated me to find a way to reconnect with those feelings that I had during my three and a half years of traveling around the country photographing the people of America and the work they do. It has been 15 years (has it really been that long???) since I first set out on the road and during that time, the internet and digital technology was so basic. Now with social media, I could reintroduce the project along with the stories of my travels and how I met the people who are part of this amazing project. If you are interested in hearing the podcast from 2007, it can be found here on The Candid Frame.





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