"On the Road Again!"

Saguaro SunsetThe night before I drove away from Scottsdale, Arizona, this was the beauty I experienced.



"On the Road Again, I Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again"



"On the Road Again, I Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again"

I love that song by Willie Nelson!  Being an RV traveler, it is near and dear to my heart. I find myself singing it subconsciously each time I am getting ready to roll.

Awe, another chapter in this life begins tomorrow. It is a solo adventure, but I don’t feel like it is anything different than I have done since 2001 when I first moved into and started traveling in my RV.  Of course I am nervous because I don'’t have anyone else to rely on… but then again, I am so independent that I tended to take matters into my own hands anyway.  This week, I managed to change the oil myself, get the tires rotated and hook up the car dolly all while photographing my last Arizona sunset of this season. 

As I get ready a few things are clear; I am alone but I am not lonely. I am nervous but I am not afraid. I see life as an adventure and none of us really ever know what lies ahead of us. We can predict with some sort of certainty based on our history, but there are often bumps in the road, forks in the road or the worst... dead ends with no obvious means out.  But it is all in how you approach these obstacles that make the difference between an unhappy existence or a happy one. 

I have been in Arizona for the past six months at the Arizona Fine Art Expo and now it is time to leave the heat and head to Santa Fe, New Mexico where my base will be. This is the first year that I have been sad to leave Arizona…I have learned to love the beautiful orange sunsets, the silly little Gambel's Quail that chirp and coo, the mighty Saguaros and warm winter temperatures. This is the first year that I am driving away from the many friends I have made but especially my fellow foodie friend Caroline. Despite the fact that she loves cheese and animal flesh and I am a whole food, plant based nutritarian, we get along great! 

As everyone knows, it gets downright hot here in Arizona during the summer and there are no known art festivals for me to do here. In Santa Fe, I can show my artwork with the Santa Fe Society of Artists on weekends throughout the summer.   I also can continue to refine my new project on Rescued Animals as well as set in stone some of my upcoming photographic retreats for women.  So onward and upward, to a windy, dusty land of wonderful green chile, great art and enthusiastic tourists from all over the world.  


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