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I have been working with texture layers long before they became popular because of digital technology. I used to take different texturized plastics and handmade papers and add them to my 4x5 film holders in front of the film.  When shooting the image, the texture would be exposed along with the photograph.  So now, with the advances of software, it is possible to easily create dramatic and artistic images using texture photographs combined with your digital images. You can take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary.  Below, I took my infrared black and white image and combined it with one of Matt Suess' Photo Textures.  Using Perfect Photo Suite, I added the texture in one layer, changed the blending mode and adjusted the opacity. I then added the same texture to another layer, rotated it 180 degrees, changed the blending mode and opacity.  The texture I used came from Matt Suess'  Stone Set 1.


If you are interested in taking your images to the next level by changing out skies or backgrounds, Matt's texture and backgrounds are perfect for you.  You are now able to purchase and download up to 162 high resolution photo textures and backgrounds from a collection of photos he has been working on for the past four years.

There will be over 50 cloud backgrounds and over 100 textures to choose from in 7 different sets. Each texture and background image was photographed and enhanced/optimized by Matt so that you are working with a great looking texture or background “right out of the box”. Files range from 6,000px to 7,500px in the longest dimension – some of the highest resolution textures available online!My colleague, Matt Suess, has launched his new set of Suess Photo Textures & Backgrounds.


Here are the textures in Stone Set 1:

Stone Set 1

Stone Set 1

I am an affiliate so by purchasing these textures via the link here on my site, I do receive some compensation. Click here to visit Suess Fine Art Photography to purchase any or all of the textures that Matt has available.


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