Tucson Mission

During a friend's visit to Arizona a few years ago, we toured throughout the Tucson area, stopping by different missions and churches. Because my friend is not a photographer, he had no desire to wake up early for the perfect morning light so I was photographing during the mid-morning light. This light tends to be much cooler and blue rather than warm. 


Tucson MissionTucson Mission

"Tucson Mission"

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The Tucson mission are unique and beautiful. Some are quite pretty with the the white wash walls, arches, domes and crosses. With this mission, I loved the look of the curves of the arches with the curve of the top of the structure, so I worked with the composition to create a comfortable image.

Being that the sky was blue and nondescript, I added a texture layer from Flypaper Textures. In this case, the texture layer was blue and pink, adding a bit of warm to this image.



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