Preview of Our Upcoming 2014 Workshops

A Sneak Peak of Our Upcoming 2014 Photography Workshops

I teach a number of various field and classroom photography workshops throughout the year, usually with my colleague Matt Suess. Together we offer over 40 years of professional photography experience and absolutely love sharing our knowledge and experience with our students.

Most of our workshops include a maximum of 8 students or less. Our students love small class sizes because it guarantees more one-on-one time with both of us throughout the workshop. Where you could get “lost in the crowd” at larger workshops with only one main instructor and possibly an assistant, Matt and I both provide you with the learning environment that only 2 full-time professional photographers who have been doing this for a long time could offer.

Our students range from beginners with point-and-shoot cameras to more advanced photographers with “all the gear”. We teach the basics like shutter speeds, apertures, ISO’s, histograms and depth of field. The study of light, composition and timing is emphasized.

And we teach advanced photography techniques such as multiple exposure HDR photography, stitching, texture blending, layer masks, composite photography, and more.

As fine art photographers, we emphasize personal style and artistic expression. As artists, our creativity is not limited to what a cold, mechanical device such as a camera can see. Creativity begins when we photograph the scene with great light and composition, and creativity continues with how we enhance our photographs in post production using specialized photography software such as Capture One Pro, Perfect Photo Suite, and Nik Software.

I am also available for private instruction for those who prefer complete one-on-one time or can not make one of the other scheduled workshops. Private instruction can range from topics such as marketing, website and social media, art festivals, camera settings, in addition to field and classroom photography instruction.

For more information on the 2014 workshop schedule, click here.


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