The current that underlies my work is the concept of serenity in a world of chaos. I am attracted to the simplicity of the minimal and I make every effort to be a faithful visual recorder of the world around me. I wish for my images to distill scenes ranging from the ephemeral to the eternal, from the abstruse to the symbolic. As a dedicated artist, I strive constantly to explore and expand my definition of the splendor and mysterious in life and nature. My images have an ethereal and enduring quality.

-Christine Hauber-

I am a fine art photographer specializing in infrared and texture overlay photography. I have been a professional photographer since 1995 when I started my own portrait business. In 2001, I ventured out into the back roads of the USA and traveled more than 50,000 miles in three and a half years photographing the working people of America. My book, "Working in the USA" was published in 2006.

Since then, the gypsy spirit caught a hold of me so I have continued traveling and selling my fine art photography in juried fine art shows across the country as well as teaching creative photography workshops.